breed identifier

TensorFlow, MobileNet, React

Fetchbook uses a pre-trained TensorFlow MobileNetV2 convolutional neural network to identify dog breeds via images uploaded onto the website. If the image is not recognized as one of the 120 dog breed classes within the dataset, a prediction of what that object could be is returned. If the image is that of a dog (congrats!), the upload executes a call to the Dog CEO Dog API for images of others dogs of the predicted breed.


three-dimensional game

React Three Fiber

A classic Roman pastime of tokens and pebbles, converted into one of pearls and gems with a 360˚ view. Two players preferred.

Coded with Paul Henschel's r3f.

Browser must support and enable WebGL2.


architectural catalog

React, React Router, Framer Motion

An homage to modern architectural marvels. Images sourced from Unsplash and Pixabay.


A-frame VR

HTML, A-frame, Blender

Virtual reality experiment.

Original audio produced by InspectorJ.

Three-dimensional figures modeled in Blender.

Use WASD keys and mouse drags to navigate.

Use the target cursor with mouse clicks to play the silver drums.


D3 visualization

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, D3.js

Data visualization of annual Dutch immigration statistics per birth continent from 1995 to 2019. Information provided by the Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS).


knit tracker

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js

A knitting management tool developed with React (with Hooks -- no pun)! For every time a knitter has forgotten which row they were knitting and which stitch was next. All input is saved to Local Storage for convenience.


a prototype

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Three.js, Blender

Inspired by New York weather on a wild day. Three-dimensional model "hand-made" with Blender. Photos by

Fulvio Ambrosanio and Frankie Cordoba.


currency converter

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Netlify Functions

The Kurrenci app, powered by ExchangeRate-API, exports up to 50 indicative currency conversions per input. The app features imagery akin to vibrant bank notes, specifically the Australian variety.

Currency exchange rates updated daily.


weather dashboard

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, GSAP, Three.js

Inspired by the classic Greek myth centered around the son of Daedalus, the atmosphere of the Icarus app depicts a digital rendition of Icarus's view over Earth preceding his fate.

Original audio produced by klankbeeld, licensed under CC BY 3.0.

The app requires geolocation sharing and displays geographical coordinates, region, temperature, weather forecast and local time data.